Thursday, July 16, 2009

To steal a head, RailGate A-Go-Go.....Who Knew What When?

A useful look at the destruction of potential evidence in the B.C. Rail corruption trial is to be found here.


Anonymous said...



Destroyed the tapes in May 2009? What arrogance.

Thank God, we have Paul Willcocks, Ross K, Bill Tieleman and the Tyee. And Sean Holman and Dawn Steele and hopefully the judge, Elizabeth Bennett.

I don't even follow MSM anymore or the other so-called political columnists.

Hmmmmm, where are the PAB minions? oh well, expect a lot of drivel from them tomorrow morning.

DPL said...

Bill Teileman's blog just announced that the letter to the Assistant AG has agreed to pass the request to the senior mountie on the subject of a Special Prosecutor. Maybe some movement?

Gazetteer said...

Harvey Oberfeld has an interesting take here.