Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be scared, very scared, about the coming cuts

Dave Obee of the Times Colonist says that unless there is an immediate change of direction in the Liberal government, the province is facing program and service cuts that will affect everything from schools to hospitals to community service agencies.
Read it here.


DPL said...

It's a bit late form Mr. Obee to suddenlt stae the obvious. But he can always say" I told you so" Too bad he hadn't bothered to tell us a couple of months ago.

off-the-radar said...

Mr. Obee has been sounding the alarm for several months now, well prior to the election.

Hopefully the government takes his gracefully worded "out" and doesn't plunge us ever deeper from a recession into a full-blown depression (a la PM Bennett's misguided approach in the 1930s)

DPL said...

Not wishing to appear argumentative about just what Mr. Obee and the T/C had to say, But. We are seven days a week subscribers to that paper, and yes their editorial page didn't endorse any party. However I can't recall dire warnings of things to come. Mind you the T/C appears abit short of columnists. The T/C claims to be so short of news, they decided to not print on Mondays but still charge their customers for all seven days. Nice to live in a town with one newspaper.