Monday, March 02, 2009

Now you can be in the scrums

The NDP has started mining the 8,000 pages of FOI material that defence lawyers in the B.C. Rail corruption trial obtained from the government. The first revelations dealt with the public affairs bureau tactics in controlling the news agenda when the legislature is sitting and allegations government employees are working on Liberal party fundraising. You can check Hansard for today's question period to get the highlights, or go here .
But I wanted to draw your attention's video of Attorney General Wally Opall's response to the issue. Sean Holman has begun posting video from scrums. It's a great service. People can now see exactly what their elected representatives are saying about the issues, no matter where they are in the province. And instead of half-a-dozen reporters assessing the answers, experts and those on the front lines can respond to the politicians' claims.
It is a great step forward in political reporting.


Anonymous said...

It is a great service and I hope that the NDP or media will post the actual documents to the internet so that the public can determine for themselves what happens behind the scenes.

BC Mary said...

According to Sean Holman's YouTube interview with Leonard Krog, the New Democrats will have the 8,000 documents online for public use by the end of this week.

And by the way, the end of this week -- Friday March 6 -- is also the next pre-trial hearing day for Dave Basi in the Sooke A.L.R. affair. VICTORIA COURT HOUSE.