Wednesday, March 25, 2009

B.C. Rail Kinsella memo to be revealed Thursday in court, NDP predicts


March 25, 2009


VANCOUVER - The contents of a 2004 e-mail exchange between B.C. Rail
executives asking about payments made to Patrick Kinsella and his
company Progressive Group are expected to be revealed in open court
tomorrow as part of the ongoing B.C. Rail Corruption Trial.
Attorney General Critic Leonard Krog will be available for comment at
the Vancouver Supreme Courthouse tomorrow following proceedings.

WHEN: Thursday, March 26
WHERE: Vancouver Supreme Courthouse, 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver

The time and courtroom number will not be posted until 8:30 a.m.
tomorrow morning at:
under Vancouver, Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Basi/Virk. Please note you
must turn off your pop-up blocker to view the site.

And for those losing track of all the angles involving Kinsella, Sean Holman - who has been far out in front in reporting on the story - offers a useful chronology here .


Anonymous said...

This was reported by Neal Hall in the Sun, March 12, 2008.

"He reminded the judge about an e-mail from 2004 to Kevin Mahoney, then vice-president of BC Rail, from another executive, asking: “Why are we paying this guy?” and that the response was that Kinsella was a “backroom Liberal.”

McCullough said that at the time of the e-mail exchange between the BC Rail executives, there was an audit being done at BC Rail and questions were being asked about the payments made to Kinsella and his company.

The Kinsella matter arose over two days of question period at the legislature in Victoria this week, when the NDP repeatedly asked why BC Rail paid Kinsella $297,000 over three years from 2002 through 2004."

DPL said...

Hi Paul
The court schedule is usually on line at 6AM dailyt. However sometimes it gets more pages around 11AM.
Either way it might get interesting sometime tomorrow

DPL said...

The Basi group are in court Thursday 2 PM. posted at 06:03 this morning. lets hope we learn something today

Gazetteer said...

Mr. Holman's chronology sure is most interesting.

For more than just the time-line....

And I'm talking, specifically, about the gamut of 'corporations' and 'groups' involved.

Thanks for the tip DPL