Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A campaign without embedded journalists

It's a tradition that news media send reporters and camera operators out on the road with the leaders' buses during election campaigns, paying the parties for the transport and picking up all the other costs.
But times are tough in the media world and the buses might be empty during the provincial campaign leading up to the May 12 election, according to Sean Holman and Vaughn Palmer.
That could be a good thing. The rolling photo ops tended to focus on the trivial and were awfully easy for the parties to manage.
Then again, the parties could decide to run the whole campaign in the Lower Mainland as an alternative, which hardly seems a step forward.


DPL said...

The Liberals have very deep pockets and the money will flow like water. They like a adoring audience of people who write nice things about the pary.So the bus and aircraft will be out there telling us what colour shirt Gordo is wearing each day. besides he needs a daily fix in front of a camera as he gives his thoughts on any subject heading his way. Just don't ask any thing he doesn't want to hear.

BC Mary said...

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having a provincial election without being spoonfed (or mesmerised) by embedded journalists.

The candidates would have to think about ways of connecting with the public.

It's a long time since I attended an All-Candidates Meeting. Might be refreshing. Might do the politicians a world o'good to have to answer unfiltered questions.

As it is, they haven't even figured out a decent way of letting the public contact them by mail or by telephone.

I'm pretty sure the voters can handle that assignment very nicely. We can figure out who to vote for. Yes, we can.


Inspiron said...

i agree,..