Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blazing a trail with tall wood buildings

Sean Holman over at has an alarming look at serious concerns about the government's push to allow — and encourage — six-storey wood apartment, condo and office buildings.
The safety is being questioned by firefighters; other jurisdictions deny the government's claim that they allow such buildings.
The government says rules will ensure safety. But government also allowed construction of leaky condos — and schools — that brought ruin to thousands of people.


Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals always have the science on their side when they make decisions. Like when they opened the door to virtually unrestricted salmon farming on our coast, fraught with all of its inherent and well known (in every other jurisdiction) dangers and problems. Yes, they could refer to a single obscure peer-reviewed study completed sometime in the mid 1900's that supported their position. That is not to say that dozens and dozens of much more recent peer-reviewed studies contradicted their opinion and their judgement - they could and did persist in referring to their "good science". And when Alexandra Morton completed a scientifically controlled study at her own expense (a marine biologist who the BC Liberals won't even talk to, much less provide funding for) - a study which proved that sea lice from salmon farms were infesting and killing large numbers of our wild Pink Salmon - guess what the BC Liberals did. They turned her over to the feds and had her charged with illegally fishing without the necessary licence, followed by totally disregarding her very alarming findings.

So watch out Paul, you're on shaky ground repeating Sean Holmans expose.

Anonymous said...

Anything with Rich Coleman involved is a disaster waiting to happen.