Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bringing back the legislature

Just before 5 p.m. today, the release below went out to reporters.
Premier Gordon Campbell has decided the economic outlook is bad enough that he needs to address British Columbians. He hopes the TV newscasts will carry him live in prime evening news time.
But if things are really so bad, shouldn't the legislature start its fall sitting, scheduled to run until the end of November? All MLAs - Liberal and New Democrat would have a chance to offer ideas and raise questions. There are a half a dozen bills that should be passed, including an emergency fix of the Lobbyist Act. The forest crisis, construction slowdowns, homelessness - the issues go on.
A TV show, with a script and no questions, is politically useful; the legislature is democratic.
It's also interesting that Colin Hansen is doing the heavy lifting. He has an excellent rep inside and outside government for competence and integrity.


Oct. 21, 2008
Office of the Premier


VICTORIA - Premier Gordon Campbell will make an address regarding British Columbia's economy in the face of global economic challenges.
Premier Campbell's address will be broadcast live on B.C.'s Legislative Hansard Television. To find out what channel carries Hansard in your community, go to http://www.leg.bc.ca/Hansard/8-10-1.htm.
It will also be web cast live from: www.gov.bc.ca.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008

Time: 6:15-6:30 p.m. Address by Premier Campbell
(A technical briefing with Finance Minister Colin Hansen will be held at 6 p.m. for media only.)

Press Theatre
Parliament Buildings



Anonymous said...

Sorry Paul but the last place our MLA’s need to be right now is in the great bubble of Victoria. Our MLA’s need to be in their ridings seeing first hand from the business community how things are going in today’s economy. Besides the NDP couldn’t run a peanut stand and the last thing anyone needs is to listen to the NDP talk about the something they know nothing about

Anonymous said...

I think that the last thing the linos need is any scrutiny that brings into question the idea that they only have the answers and that they also many things to answer for such as cost over runs, MCFD mismaangement, give aways to forestry friends, outrageous salaries, shameless politicking such as the Coquihalla tolls being abolished.The fact is the NDP rana good government and left a surplus that the linos quicky disolved with tax cuts andf cuts to services thast are stinll reeeling due to the incredible disruption and waste of money this casued as well.
Ah, but tbnye atre an arrogant bunch as you can see from the last poster. Too bad they do not like the light of day , the legislature where they have to be accountable to some one besides the ffriendly press.

Anonymous said...

The first poster above should keep in mind that 42% of those who voted in the last election chose an NDP candidate to represent them. It would seem, the way Campbell has run the legislature, that he thinks Campbell's Liberals got 100% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance. The only word to explain the actions of this government.

This week's the most glaring example of Campbell's arrogance was that he assumed that the entire provincial media should dedicate their 6PM news slots for his economic address.

Out of touch or living in the Campbell bubble? Take your pick.

BTW - I didn't know that Hansard TV could be used for political advertising? Shouldn't the NDP be demanding time of their own?


Anonymous said...


As Sean Holman points out, Barisoff's decision allow the Hansard broadcast to be used for partisan political shots is akin to Richmond's denying official opposition status to the NDP in 2001. It's the Speaker's sole duty to preserve the integrity and non-partisan use of the Legislative facilities and publications, including Hansard and the Library. The NDP should be calling for his resignation.

off-the-radar said...

Premier Campbell's Wed Oct 22 comments. Sigh.

As capitalism implodes (damn, Marx was prescient) Campbell trots out failed ideology and the rhetorical flourish of a ten point plan for the same old: tax cuts, cuts to government. Shades of Herbert Hoover. What a pathetic package.

And this at time ( before the economic tsunami hits) when BC's child poverty rate is the highest in Canada, 20%+, the homeless are increasing exponentially and seniors are being left to languish in under-staffed old folks homes.

I didn't think there could be a worse government than Glen Clark's. Boy was I wrong.

BC could have gone to a Scandinavian model when our economy was booming. Instead Mr. Campbell and his pack of cronies cut services, cut taxes, increased the debt, squandered our BC Hydro legacy, and seriously eroded the ALR at at time when the world is plunging into a depression and we'll need every inch of arable land to increase our self-sufficieny in food.

Lord help us.

Thankfully British Columbians are kind and decent, we'll pull through this, despite Mr. Campbell.

Ed Seedhouse said...

Campbell's muttering about "fat cutting" again. Seems to forget that he cut all the "fat" in his first term so there's none left.

it's time to cut the fatheads at the top.

Anonymous said...

In response to 5:56 pm as taxpayers we foot the bill for Hansard and it’s considerable staff year round in spite of the fact it is a very underused service. I think all British Columbians on both sides of the political spectrum appreciate the service that Hansard provides.

Frankly I am glad that that Hansard was used to greater capacity; and I hope that it is used more often. The NDP should not be asking for the anyone’s resignation; they should instead be asking for the same fairness they get in question period. Equal time. The speakers role is to ensure fairness between both sides; not to be a referee of partisanship.

The NDP should be granted the same 15 minutes of Hansard air time the Premier was. I will be happy to hear what Carole James has to say in response and will be glad to see it on Hansard for a change instead of global.

People need to lighten up.