Monday, December 10, 2007

Norman Spector on the lobbyist disease

Norman Spector offers an inside and insightful look at the lessons we should learn from the Schreiber-Mulroney affair (and from the Basi-Virk affair as well, I'd say). The column is in The Globe and Mail today or here today.


Anonymous said...

maybe if the lobbyist were charged in the Leg Raid case then a clear message would be sent to the underbelly of the lobbying industry.

Anonymous said...

A Quick Question

How is it that Prime Minister Harper gets to set the terms of the inquiry when Harper is going to be a witness at that inquiry?

Schreiber alleges that Mulroney was to lobby Harper on Schreiber's behalf - Harper denies ever being lobbied by Mulroney about Schreiber.

One would think that Harper should be called as a witness... So why is Harper calling the shots?

Paul G. said...


i just heard that the government is opposing the defence request for more information.

How can Premier Campbell state that the government has nothing to hide and will provide all the information and then his governments lawyers say that they can't disclose anything because of "solicitor client privilege".

What does the government have to hide?