Saturday, December 22, 2007

Censored government reports on Basi-Virk raise questions

Bill Tieleman, who has done a fine job covering the Basi-Virk BC Rail corruption trial, writes on the results of an FOI request for the reports of the government staffer who has been monitoring the courtroom happenings. The results suggest Attorney General Wally Oppal mislead the legislature about what the staffer was doing.
And the censored reports raise questions about what the government is keeping from the public.
You can read it here.


Anonymous said...

The best part - we WILL eventually find out what was scrubbed from the report.

DL said...

I wrote the editor of the T/C a few days ago wanting to know why there is so little coming out about the court case. Raiding the legislative buildings is a bit unusual, there is talk of bribes,and some thought that the sale of BC rail was not bid well. Got a answer within a couple of hours. Hey they are reporting, Paul Wilcox has written about these strange events. So keep writing Paul, the T/C has you a periodic columnist doing all the work for the paper.I'd copy my email, the asnwer and my reply but I figure you get the idea. The T/C sees nothing to write about as long as Paul, in Victoria can glean enough information to come up with a column