Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A plug for the CBC TV show Intelligence

The blog is pretty much exclusively my columns, but I want to give a plug to the new CBC series Intelligence, on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. It would be a shame if the program died for lack of viewers.
It's smart crime/police/politics drama, proudly set in Vancouver. The lead bad guy - Reardon - is a pretty successful mid-level organized criminal, running grow ops, money laundering and related criminal activities, worrying about the rival bikers and the police and his own people. And worrying, also, about an addict ex-wife and an idiot brother who works for him.
On the other side is an ambitious detective who sees an informant relationship with Reardon as her ticket to advancing from criminal policing to a bigger role with CSIS. But she has to deal with the fierce internal politics of the police-CSIS world (including a sexist, ambitious conniving subordinate played brilliantly by Matt Frewer).
Vancouver looks great, the writing is excellent, the characters are interesting and believable and the similarities between the worlds of cops and crooks - and the corporate world for that matter - is striking.
And there is a Canadian look and feel, particularly in the realistic - at least by TV standards - look at the complexity of the lives of all involved.
I hardly ever make an effort to watch specific shows - 24, My Name is Earl, The Office - but I'd stay home for Intelligence.
Give it a try.


BC Mary said...

Thanks for this, Paul.

I've made a note, and copied it to a few friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is not is Not Important. I just feel obligated to say, I think the show, "Intelligence", is one of the best Dramas on Television today. I have not been glued to a TV screen like this, since I first saw C.S.I.
It is soo well done; the characters are perfect; the plots and flow are just like a magnet; and it truly is, "Intelligent".
I wish none but prosperity.

Anonymous said...

What a great show, why is no one watching it? It is smart and fast paced with excellent acting and just gritty enough to keep me hooked. Only a couple of criticisms: they whisper too much and I miss some dialogue and will someone please wash Ian tracey's hair, he is suppose to be a million dollar drug dealer not a dime store greaser

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Just wanted to say that I think "Intelligence" is the best show on television (along with The Office). An hour just is not enough!!

Anonymous said...

News, looks like Fox is taking a look at it to remake into a pilot for the US next year. There will be definite changes to the plot, unfortunately. I suspect Americans won't like the US being referred to as the "moles", etc. So whether this is good news, who knows.

This show is definitely one of the best in a long, long time.

Charlie Dickens said...

I love this show, too. Some of the acting performances are suspect at times (I wonder how the dude who plays Jimmy Reardons brother ever got hired onto this show) but for the most part the actors are more than able to deliver the top-notch writing.

Anonymous said...

I think Paul is spot on the money. This is the only programme I watch other than the National news. Together with the strong acting from all participants, it is smart, quick and devoid of gratuitous violence and sex. What a breath of fresh air! Paul has said it all regarding the 'intelligence' of the show and its actors, but it would not be without the writer, Chris Haddock. If the CBC does not back this show to the hilt it will be a sad day for the loyal audience. I would appeal to Mr Haddock to remain true to his roots before he agrees to take it to FOX where the chances are it will be recreated into some american rubbish.

Mike said...

I rewatched the pilot and wonder when they will re-address Spaldings drug problem-also there was a comment about somebody from Reardons crew looking to take him out. It must have been put there for a reason.
Mike from Kelown{Ronny is my guess!]

bob george said...