Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tough talk on IHA brass softens overnight

What happened in the last 24 hours?

On Wednesday deputy health minister Penny Ballem released her review of the death of Fanny Albo, cruelly separated from her husband of 70 years without the chance for a proper goodbye and moved to a care home 105 kms away. She died two days later.

Ballem noted two senior Interior Health Authority medical leaders had failed to participate in the review, a fact she found "remarkable," and not in a good way. Health Minister George Abbott was there, and said he wasn't happy at their lack of participation.

But when NDP leader Carole James raised the problem in the legislature Thursday, Abbot downplayed the concern.

"Hon. G. Abbott: To be clear, the deputy — and I was there — referenced one or two officials who she would have liked to have spoken to, but she wasn't able to. One should not make more of that than what the deputy actually said. Again, the officials that I am meeting with later today worked very hard to ensure that the deputy had all of the information and all of the cooperation that was necessary in putting together a very constructive report."

Here's what the deputy actually said in her report:

”There is insufficient support and involvement of senior medical leaders from the Kootenay Boundary Health Service Delivery Area and corporate Interior Health in the area of quality of care and critical incident investigation.”

So why was Abbott ducking?


Anonymous said...

According to the TV this evening,Abbott had a few of the folks in for abit of a chat this afternoon. Would have been cheaper for them to either talk to the Deputy or have come down with her.

RossK said...

Why was Mr. Abbott ducking?

Perhaps because this way he leaves the door open to spin both ways depending on how things shake out?


BevinBC said...

I just cannot stand right-wing governments. They seem to hate citizens but love unaccountable power.